Sept. 16, 2023


Below is a detailed list of the activities. Please be sure to get a boat pass in order for us to have an accurate headcount for all events. Also, check the “Trip Info” page in order to get accurate information on the trip.

Itinerary Summary

DAY 1 (9/15) : Friday

If you decide to come Friday we will have a night meetup where you can receive your wristband early prior to the boat.  We will also go somewhere that night if you feel the need to get out. JUst be sure to not stay out too late and miss the boat.

Any questions feel free to whatsapp us @ 713.322.8627

DAY 2 (9/16) : Saturday// BOAT DAY!

Aquaholics @ 10.45am

16203 Dodd Street, Volente, TX 78641

There is one boat/barge upstairs and downstairs. There will be plenty of alcohol and water.  Food will also be included.  Lamb while supplies last and chicken. Alcohol will be Veuve Cliquot, Casa Migos Repasado and Don Julio Repasado. Water will also be provided. There is a $7 fee to park your car and you are responsible for your transportation to and from the boat. Any questions feel free to send us a message.  Due to purchasing everthing early due to things not being last minutely done there will be no refunds and there will only be one boat which means we will only have 50 spots available.

Night spot will be Cru lounge.  We will text out the details prior to the weekend.


DAY 3 (9/17) : GO HOME!

Head home and get back safely please. Thank you for coming.


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